Tierra de belleza: Land of beauty

"The culture is as unique as the land itself," says Young Travel Writer finalist Aaron Weidenbaum, of Shenton College, of a trip to Spain. 

Spain. Orange everywhere. 

From the sun to the hard-baked earth covered in copper dust to the orange-tree groves growing on every farm, in every town, everywhere. 

You can smell the sweet citrus aroma, you can hear the branches of olive trees sway in the afternoon breeze. 

You can taste the shrubs and grasses, hanging heavy on your tongue. 

The small birds darting past you. Visible for only a blink and gone in a heart beat.

It is like a heaven on earth. 

The terrain of Spain is varied depending on your location. By the coast is full of cliffs, coves and secret bays. 

Exotic birds circling over, riding the calm winds in the air. 

The water, clear and blue. Sunlight sparkling off the surface, like light on a diamond. 

The environment is colourful. Vibrant colours, decorating the landscape with the natural look. Like a painting with bright, defined hues. 

The mountains are similar yet they have their own feel. Instead of paradise beach, they are sunnier and desert-like, with harsh yellow and brown colours.  

The mountains are massive, with towering peaks and vast, lush, green valleys. 

The wildlife is similar, adapted to the area around it. 

You could drive for hours and not get bored of the scenery. Valleys that not a single human has touched. And time will preserve them for all eternity. 

Frozen still, like one of Da Vinci’s paintings, Spain caught on canvas. 

The culture is as unique as the land itself. 

Although many Spanish people are Christian, their culture is completely different. Their festivals are loud, bright and have rituals buried in them that are as old as the country itself. 

The clothes, the dancing. The singing, the food, the spices, the herbs. The gardens, the fruits. 

The plants, the country and Spain. 

All unique, all different, all to suit the diversity of Spanish culture and beliefs. 

The architecture and buildings are stunning. Arches and designs. Patterns created hundreds of years ago by the world’s leading architects. 

The Spanish people belong to Spain. They have adapted to the country’s terrain and have created a culture. 

Wherever you go, you can see that Spain is like no other country. It is unique and different, but is beautiful in its own way. 

The valleys, mountains, beaches and bays. Towns cities and festivals are all truly Spanish and all portray the true meaning of what Spain is.


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