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Travel Story: What not to miss in Canada's "big three" cities

Suzanne Morphet

Considering Canada is the largest country in the world after Russia, it may come as a surprise that it’s a nation of city slickers. More than 80 per cent of Canadians live in urban areas.

Travel Story: Heading to Canada? Here's where to stay

Suzanne Morphet

From historic luxury stays to quirky camping with a difference, Canada has accommodation options to suit a variety of travel styles and budgets.

Travel Story: Visit Canada's best national parks — for free

Suzanne Morphet

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, Parks Canada is giving visitors free access to 148 national parks, marine conservation areas and historic sites across the country.

Our World: Seven Canadian icons not to miss on your next trip

Suzanne Morphet

Whether you’ve visited often — or never — you probably know some of Canada’s symbols ... the official and the ordinary things associated with the country that Canadians themselves often call the Great White North. But do you know where to find them when you visit?

Travel Story: First Nations offer unique experiences: "This is us, welcoming you into our way of life"

Suzanne Morphet

Experience some of Canada's indigenous cultures with culinary activities, festivals, unusual accommodation and outdoor adventures. 

Travel Story: Party rolls on for Canada's 150th birthday

Suzanne Morphet

The 150th anniversary of Canada’s birth as a nation offers visitors plenty of opportunities to join the year-round party.

Arrivals & Departures: 11 of UNESCO's most breathtaking new World Heritage sites

Angie Tomlinson

UNESCO's newest world heritage sites are something to behold.

Travel Story: Stories from an Arctic outpost

Stephen Scourfield

A visit to Canada's frozen north provides an insight into the Inuit way of life.

The Travel Club Show : The Inuit Throat Singers of Arctic Bay

Staff Writer

As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, Stephen Scourfield goes right to the heart of an intriguing culture.

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