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The Travel Club Show : Motorcycling in Oman

Staff Writer

Stephen Scourfield has seen much of the world from the back of a motorbike but he reckons for its excellent roads, great gravel tracks, mountains and winding coastal routes Oman is the best place on the planet for motorcycle touring.

Audio: Talking Travel: Dealing with jet-lag

Staff Writer

If anyone should know how to cope with jet-lag, Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield should. On the phone from London, he tells Matt Layton, host of the Spirit Drive show, about how he deals with the effects of travelling across multiple timezones.

Arrivals & Departures: Airline deals: Get a free Dubai stopover with Emirates

Gemma Nisbet

Fly to destinations including London from $1269 return and get a free night's stay in Dubai.

Travel Story: The bright future of Omani tradition

Stephen Scourfield

Amal Waqar is committed to keeping traditional Middle Eastern arts and music alive, but embraces influences upon it.

Aviation: World is your oyster from Abu Dhabi

Stephen Scourfield

Perth is in a prime position to access more than 100 destinations from the UAE.

Arrivals & Departures: Fly over Dubai on the world's longest urban zip-line

Angie Tomlinson

If going from zero to 60km/hour in 2.5 seconds sounds like fun, head to Dubai to fly Superman-style above the skyscrapers.

Our World: Travel Club Tours: Authentic Oman

Stephen Scourfield

Oman was the heart of our three-part Travel Club Tour of the Middle East, in partnership with Collette.

Our World: Mouthwatering Muscat: Eating out in Oman

Stephen Scourfield

An evening in the capital takes on myriad new flavours, including fast-food fish, Omani style. 

The Travel Club Show : Exploring Oman

Staff Writer

From the cultural heart at Nizwa to Muscat with its bustling souks and the starkly beautiful Hajar Mountains, Oman continues to fascinate all who visit.

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