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Travel Story: Abu Dhabi's very special hospital wing

Angie Tomlinson

Pedicure takes on a whole new meaning at the United Arab Emirates' biggest falcon hospital. 

Travel Story: Soaring over sand

Angie Tomlinson

Peaks like softly whipped cream, tinged red by oxidised iron, the sand dunes of the Empty Quarter frame the silhouette of the misbehaving peregrine falcon.

The Travel Club Show : Luxury in the largest uninterrupted sand desert in the world

Angie Tomlinson

This is a resort like none you've ever imagined. Nestled among the otherworldly dunes of yellow, pink and red of the Empty Quarter, Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort is a lavish stay where you can see the United Arab Emirates' falcons fly, watch the sun set over never-ending sand and wake up to a fog misting over the desert. 

Arrivals & Departures: Our Favourite Travel Moments: Incredible architecture in Abu Dhabi

Angie Tomlinson

The scale, the artistry and the serenity: the dream-like architecture of the Emirati capital is thoroughly impressive. 

The Travel Club Show : Glitz, glamour and local culture: An Abu Dhabi stopover

Staff Writer

From drinking champagne at a decadent Brunch in the Clouds to feeding a patient at the falcon hospital to visiting one of the world’s largest mosques, the Emirati capital has a winning formula for stopover breaks.   

Arrivals & Departures: Our Favourite Travel Moments: In search of ancient Oman

Niall McIlroy

Far from being an arid dustbowl, the Arabian nation of Oman has widely varying landscapes. And at Salalah, in the south, the yearly monsoon ensures that a very valuable tree flourishes.

Arrivals & Departures: Deals galore to Europe aboard Qatar’s new A380

Angie Tomlinson

Qatar Airways it celebrating its new Airbus A380 service from Perth with return flights to London from $1170.

Arrivals & Departures: Holiday with some of Australia’s best-loved personalities in 2018

Angie Tomlinson

Join Aussies including Maggie Beer, George Negus and The Biggest Loser's the Commando from Mongolia to Kangaroo Island.

Travel Story: Top deals: Stopover and stay for free

Angie Tomlinson

Want a discounted stopover with free accommodation and tours? 

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